Tuesday, November 20

ITunes: Deleting Dead Tracks From ITunes

I just got a new iPhone and I'm converting my music from Media Player to iTunes.

There are some key differences between these apps.

1. Media Player gets properties off of the actual file or folder. iTunes saves some information in its database and some of it is in the file.

2. Media Player puts an album art file for album art, where iTunes puts the album art in a Album Art folder, then under some convoluted database that doesn't match back to the album. Neither of the players will look for the other, so converting is not fun.

3. iTunes copies files when organizing its library, iTunes copies creating duplicate files. Media Center Moves the files underneath my consolidated library.

4. iTunes doesn't know if the file system deleted a file or a new file exists in the library. Media Player continually looks for new music, pictures and movies.

This is why I found the following code, in the Apple SDK, that will delete dead tracks from you iTunes library.

dim ITTrackKindFile

ITTrackKindFile = 1

dim iTunesApp

set iTunesApp = WScript.CreateObject("iTunes.Application")

dim deletedTracks

deletedTracks = 0

dim mainLibrary

set mainLibrary = iTunesApp.LibraryPlaylist

dim tracks

set tracks = mainLibrary.Tracks

dim numTracks

numTracks = tracks.Count

dim i

while (numTracks <> 0)

dim currTrack

set currTrack = tracks(numTracks)

if ( currTrack.Kind = ITTrackKindFile) then

' yes, does it have an empty location?

if (currTrack.Location = "") then

' yes, delete it


deletedTracks = deletedTracks + 1

end if

end if

numTracks = numTracks - 1


if (deletedTracks > 0) then

if (deletedTracks = 1) then

WScript.Echo("Removed 1 dead track.")


WScript.Echo("Removed " & deletedTracks & " dead tracks." )

end if


WScript.Echo("No dead tracks were found.")

end if

Monday, November 19

Saturday, November 10

You might be from Ohio If...

You might be from Ohio (pronounced O-hi-yuh), if...

  • You think all Pro football teams are supposed to wear orange!
  • You know all the 4 seasons: winter, still winter, almost winterand construction.
  • You live less than 30 miles from some college or university.
  • You know what a buckeye really is, and have a recipe for candied ones.
  • "Toward the lake" means "north" and "toward the river" means "south."
  • You know if other Ohioans are from southern or northern Ohio as soon as they open their mouths.
  • You can spell words like Cuyahoga, Olentangy, Bellefontaine,Tuscarawas, Wapakoneta and you know which letter is doubled in Cincinnati.
  • "Vacation! " means spending a day at Cedar Point in the summer and deer hunting in the fall.
  • You measure distance in minutes.
  • Your school classes were canceled because of cold.
  • Your school classes were canceled because of heat.
  • You've had to switch from "heat" to "A/C" in the same day.
  • You know what should be knee-high by the Fourth of July.
  • You end your sentences with an unnecessary preposition. Forexample: "Where's my coat at?"
  • You install security lights on your house and garage and leaveboth unlocked.
  • You think of the major four food groups as corn, pork, beer, and Jell-O salad with marshmallows.
  • You carry jumper cables in your car.
  • You know what 'pop' is.
  • You design your kid's Halloween costume to fit over a snowsuit.
  • Driving is better in the winter because the potholes are filledwith snow.
  • You think sexy lingerie is tube socks and a flannel nightgown.
  • The local paper covers national and international headlines onone page but requires six pages for sports.

If you actually get these jokes -- then forward 'em to your OhiO friends!

Tuesday, October 30

The Origin of The Server

More information on "The Server"

Thursday, October 25

Battlestar Galactica Razor - Theater Screening

Coming to a movie theater near you: 'Battlestar Galactica: Razor'. There will be free screenings of the film in movie theaters in eight cities on Nov. 12: Los Angeles, New York/New Jersey, San Francisco, Dallas, Boston, Philadelphia, Seattle and, Chicago. Free Registration starts on Friday 10/25/07

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Sunday, October 14

Comcast Caught Filtering Political E-Mails

Is Comcast blocking political emails? Read and decide for yourself. FTA.. It took us a number of days to nail down Comcast as the cause of the problems, and then more days, working with Comcast's abuse department to identify exactly what was going on. We'd reached that point by Thursday, but Comcast was slow to fix the problem.

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Sunday, October 7

Sunday, September 9

I got Comcast Bandwidth Warning

Ever thought Comcast's Unlimited internet meant unlimited bandwidth? Think again, its unlimited usage. According to Comcast usage means you can go anywhere and use anything, just don't use too much.

Today I got a call I never expected. I received a call from Comcast saying I used 428 GB of bandwidth in the Month of August, I finally made the upper 1%. Almost a 1/2 a Terabyte of data!! I don't know how anyone could be downloading that much. I don't even have that much storage on hard drives. I've been using Comcast Internet for over 8 years.

The part that really worries me is that there this was my one only warning. Comcast cannot or will not give me any information on how they determined that I used over 400GB of data. Give me any trending reports to know what my historical usage has been, or any way for me to check my bandwidth to see if the issue continues to exist. If I show up on they're report once again I will loose internet connectivity for 1 year. Working in the computer industry this will be the equivalent of a death sentence as only Comcast is available in my location and we use Vonage as our local phone service.

Over the past month I've had connectivity issues with Comcast. Vonage not connecting, unable to get an IP address from Comcast. This past weekend, I even bought a new cable modem, Vonage/Wi-Fi router, and changed my WPA password.

The Comcast service rep (Steven) was less than helpful as he dictated policy stating this decision cannot be appealed. He conveniently called me at 5:45 PM on a Sunday, failed to tell me if this will be followed up with a letter. His managers were unavailable although he would leave them a message to call me back, he states it was the managers discretion to call me back as they were not required to call back; that sounds like real good Customer Service. He also mentioned the Comcast Security Assurance department. Unfortunately, they don't deal directly with customers

This gets me really worried because I cannot explain how I used that much bandwidth. For all I know one of my computers could have be compromised with a zombie bot running on it.

Googling into this I've found the following links:

Shutting Down Big Downloaders

Comcast clamping down on "excessive" downloaders

Comcast Cuts Off Bandwidth Hogs

http://comcastissue.blogspot.com/ -- Someone else who got cut off from Comcast.




Friday, September 7

Fall Premier Schedule

Warm up the Tivo!

A list of all the shows with their updated times and premieres

Sept. 11 (NBC) The
Biggest Loser season premiere

Sept. 14 (FOX) Nashville series premiere

Sept. 17 (FOX) Prison Break season premiere

Sept. 17 (FOX) K-Ville series premiere

Sept. 17 (NBC) Deal or No Deal season premiere

Sept. 18 (CW) Beauty and the Geek season premiere

Sept. 19 (CW) America's Next Top Model season premiere

Sept. 19 (FOX) Back to You series premiere

Sept. 19 (FOX) 'Til Death season premiere

Sept. 19 (FOX) Kitchen Nightmares series premiere

Sept. 19 (CBS) Kid Nation series premiere

Sept. 20 (CBS) Survivor: China season premiere

Sept. 23 (FOX) Simpsons, King of the Hill and Family Guy season premieres

Sept. 23 (CBS) 60 Minutes, Cold Case and Shark season premieres

Sept. 24 (ABC) The Bachelor and Dancing with the Stars season premieres

Sept. 24 (NBC) Chuck and Journeyman series premieres

Sept. 24 (NBC) Heroes season premiere

Sept. 24 (CBS) How I Met Your Mother, Two and a Half Men, Rules of Engagement and CSI: Miami season premieres

Sept. 24 (CBS) The Big Bang Theory series premiere

Sept. 25 (CW) Reaper series premiere

Sept. 25 (FOX) Bones and House season premieres

Sept. 25 (NBC) L&O: SVU season premiere

Sept. 25 (CBS) NCIS and The Unit season premieres; Cane series premiere

Sept. 26 (ABC)
Private Practice and Dirty Sexy Money series premieres

Sept. 26 (CW) Gossip Girl series premiere

Sept. 26 (CBS) Criminal Minds and CSI: NY season premieres

Sept. 26 (NBC) Deal or No Deal season premiere

Sept. 26 (NBC)
Bionic Woman and Life series premieres

Sept. 27 (ABC) Ugly Betty and Grey's Anatomy season premieres; Big Shots series premiere

Sept. 27 (CW) Smallville season premiere

Sept. 27 (NBC) My Name Is Earl, The Office and

season premieres

Sept. 27 (CBS) CSI and Without a Trace season premieres

Sept. 28 (NBC) Las Vegas season premiere

Sept. 28 (CBS) Ghost Whisperer and Numbers season premieres; Moonlight series premiere

Sept. 30 (FOX) American Dad season premiere

Sept. 30 (ABC)
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,
Desperate Housewives
and Brothers & Sisters season premieres

Sept. 30 (Showtime) Dexter season premiere

Sept. 30 (Showtime) Brotherhood season premiere

Oct. 1 (CW) Everybody Hates Chris, The Game and Girlfriends season premieres; Aliens in America series premiere

Oct. 2 (ABC) Cavemen and Carpoolers series premieres

Oct. 3 (ABC) Pushing Daisies series premiere

Oct. 4 (NBC) 30 Rock season premiere

Oct. 4 (CW) Supernatural season premiere

Oct. 5 (NBC) Friday Night Lights season premiere

Oct. 7 (CW) Life Is Wild series premiere

Oct. 7 (ABC) America's Funniest Home Videos season premiere

Oct. 12 (ABC) Men in Trees season premiere; Women's Murder Club series premiere

Oct. 15 (ABC) Samantha Who? series premiere

Oct. 18 (CBS) Viva Laughlin series premiere

Oct. 25 (NBC) Scrubs season premiere

Nov. 27 (ABC) Cashmere Mafia series premiere

Pasted from <http://www.tvguide.com/News-Views/Columnists/Ask-Ausiello/default.aspx?rssDate=09052007>

Friday, July 27

Exclusive: 'The Dark Knight' Video of Joker's Semi Flip

The Dark Knight filming in Chicago

Friday, July 13

12 on 12: Tech Cockatil 5

Tech Cockatil
Originally uploaded by bcbeatty.

Tech Cocktail always seems to happen on the 12th of the month. This was the 1st Anniversary of the Chicago networking event.

My Photo is Published! on Schmap! Chicago

Park Grill Steak Salad
My flickr photo of a Steak Salad at Park Grill Millennium Park has been selected in the online city guide Schmap! Chicago.
Check it out:
Chicago - Local Traditional Cuisine

Thursday, July 12

Speed up your podcasts

Here's how I speed up my podcasts on a PC.

I use Juice to download my podcasts.
Juice has a feature to run a program when a file has been downloaded.
I run use Microsoft's WMP9 Encoder to speedup the mp3 file. Combined with Wmcmd.vbs, I can speed up or slow down an mp3 file to any speed, even convert avi to wma for video podcasts.

I've gotten used to listening podcasts at 2x speed. A side effect is the mp3 file gets converted to wma, and looses all the tags, but my iRiver supports wma so I haven't looked into keeping them mp3.

Friday, June 29

Saturday, June 23

Ink Jet Ink, Cost Per Gallon

Chanel #5 costs more than ink, but not much else does.

Approx. PriceEquivalent Price in $/galConversion factors
Crude Oil$60/barrel$1.091 barrel=55 gals
Refined gasoline, supreme unleaded$3.90/gal$3.90
Bottled water, Calistoga at 7-11$1/500 ml$101 gal=4.53 L
Starbucks Latte, 16 oz.$4/16 oz.$321 gal=128 oz
Blood (if you can get it)$100 to $200/pt$800-$16001 gal=8 pts
Cristal Champagne, 1999$300/750 ml$1,8121 gal=4.53 L
HP Inkjet ink, black #14$23/23ml$4,5301 gal=4530 ml
Chanel #5$100/0.25 oz$51,2001 gal=128 oz

What's Wrong With This Picture?

just take a moment and figure it out - you'll laugh when you do

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Friday, June 1

FRAK! Battlestar Galactica To End!

Sci-fi channel announces next season to be the last.

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Friday, May 25

My Fall Tivo Schedule

Now that the Networks have figured out their schedule here's my Tivo workout for the week.

: How I Met Your Mother, Heroes, 24, Dancing(Melissa), Journeyman
Tuesday: Dancing(Melissa), Boston Legal, Reaper, Biggest Loser(Melissa)
Wednesday: Private Practice, Bionic Woman, Lost
Thursday: Betty, Grey, CSI, ER, Smallville
Friday: Moonlight and Sci-Fi Friday
Saturday: Nothing
Sunday: Football, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, BSG, Desperate Housewives(Melissa)

Other Misc and Cable: Rescue Me, Entourage, Big Love, John from Cincinnati, Mythbusters, Stargate, Eureka, The 4400, Dead Zone, Nip/Tuck, The Shield, Dirty Jobs

So far nothing overlaps too much, but I have Vista Media Center for backup

Thursday, May 10

Wine vs Water

After a number of carefully controlled trials,
Scientists have demonstrated that if we drink 1 liter of water each day, at the end of the year we would have absorbed more than 1 kilo of Escherichia coli, (E. coli) bacteria found in feces. In other words, we are consuming 1 kilo of Poop.

However, we do NOT run that risk when drinking wine (or rum, whiskey or other liquor) because alcohol has to go through a purification process of boiling, filtering and/or fermenting.

Remember: Water = Poop, Wine = Health

Therefore, it's better to drink wine and talk stupid, than to drink water and be full of shit.

There is no need to thank me for this valuable information: I'm doing it as a public service.

Wednesday, May 9

How Lightsabers Work

Chances are that you have seen a lightsaber at one time or another, whether on the evening news or down at the local cantina. Therefore you know that a lightsaber is an amazing and versatile device that is able to cut through nearly anything in a matter of milliseconds.

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Sunday, May 6

How life has changed: 1973 vs. 2007

a funny yet sad look at how our way of thinking has changed.

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Tuesday, April 24

USPS R2D2 Mailbox

USPS R2D2 Mailbox
Originally uploaded by bcbeatty.

I found an RD2D Mail Box April 21 2007, at CherryVale Mall,in Cherry Valley, Illinois, near I-90, U.S 20,and Harrison Street
List of all locations: starwars.com/collecting/news/misc/news20070315.html

Sunday, April 15

South West Michigan Wine Trip.

I went with
:The Schaumburg Wine Meetup Group on a
South West Michigan Wine Trip.
We Went to 5 wineries: Tabor Hill, Round Barn, Domaine Berrien Cellars, Lemon Creek Winery, Free Run Vineyards, and St. Julian

Friday, April 13

12 on 12: Tech Cocktail4 Matt and Kirk

Tech Cocktail4 Matt and Kirk
Originally uploaded by bcbeatty.

On the 12th day of the Month I take post 12 pictures of my day up to flickr.
Tech Cocktail attendees Matt Schobe, from Feedburner, and Kirk Wolfe, from MK Capital

Sunday, April 8

You know you live (or have lived) in Cincinnati if . . .

You know you live (or have lived) in Cincinnati if . . .

a.. You know that Kahn's = "the weiner the world awaited".
b.. You know who said on Reds' broadcasts: "This is the old left-hander, rounding third and headed for home." Joe Nuxhall...still the youngest MLB player ~ 15 yrs. old.
c.. You also know who says on Reds' broadcasts: "This one belongs to the Reds." Marty Brennemen, Hall-of-Fame Broadcaster whose son, Thom, joins him in the booth for the '07 season.
d.. You were told (maybe by a grandparent) that in 1853 the Cincinnati Fire Department became the first full-time paid professional fire department in the country.
e.. You remember the Cincinnati Reds playing at Crosley Field and Riverfront Stadium.
f.. You remember the Streitman Biscuit Company... before Keebler purchased them.
g.. You remember the Midwestern Hayride.
h.. You remember shopping "downtown" at Shillitos, Pogues, and McAlpins instead of Macys and Dillards "at the mall."
i.. You know who the Cool Ghoul and Ruth Lyons were.
j.. You knew Bob Braun before he sold furniture on late night TV commercials.
k.. You can sing the "Audience wave" jingle from the "50-50 Club".
l.. Skipper Ryle was a mentor.
m.. You immediately recognize the name Brent Spence (but you may not know who he was).
n.. You know pigs do fly in Cincinnati, as can be see by four majestic winged pigs at a riverfront park in Cincinnati (formerly "Porkopolis"). Every year 1000's flock to Cincy to run in the Flying Pig marathon...the fastest growing marathon in the country.
o.. You know that the Cincinnati airport isn't even in OHIO and that the airport symbol (CVG) stands for Covington, KY!
p.. You know that Reading Road is pronounced "RED"ing (NOT REEDING).
q.. You know what bread is "Hearth-baked on stone" (Rubel's rye bread).
r.. You remember when the first "Gold Star Chili" parlor was named "Hamburger Heaven" in Mt. Washington just across the street from the old movie theater. The place served up a fine burger plus a very unusual chili and spaghetti combo. And of course, nothing tasted better than
those little hot dogs topped with chili, cheese and onions.
s.. You know who said, "I don't care about making money...I just looooove to sell carpet."
t.. You spend every weekend in SEPTEMBER going to a different OKTOBERFEST!
u.. You remember that when the Bengals last went to the Superbowl gas was $1.09/gal.
v.. You have friends, neighbors or relatives with names like Guckenberger, Hirlinger, Schottlekotte, Schraffenberger, Schoenling and other names that can relate to "Vas you ever in Zinzinnati"?
w.. You plan your summer weekends around the local parish festivals.
x.. You think the only tri-state area in the US is Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana (some say that's how Okeana got its name, but those living in the small town of the same name disagree. They say the tri-state name has nothing to do with the name of the town, even though a few "funny guys"
have said so over the years. Okeana was actually a local Native American princess and the town is named after her).
y.. During a taste test you can tell the difference between the following chilis: Skyline, Cincinnati Recipe, Empress, Gold Star, Camp Washington, Worthmore (any others?).
z.. You know how to spell our city and it's not: Cincinati, Cincinatti, Cincinnatti or Cinninati
aa.. You go to "Cookouts" not "BBQ's".
ab.. You "Warsh" your clothes!
ac.. Anytime you are asked where you graduated from, you answer - without hesitation - your high school. No one cares where you went to college.
ad.. One of your favorite summer treats is either a Black Cow or a Red Cow (using BARQS and courtesy of Uncle Al and Cap'n Windy).
ae.. You know how to "save cash with "Cash".
af.. You know a cross-town shootout isn't a big fight in the wild west, but a b-ball game between XU and UC!
ag.. You pronounce it "sin-sin-nat-tee" not "sin-sin-na-ta"
ah.. You take a leisurely summer drive through a suburban neighborhood and you see many people cornhole-ing!
ai.. You know that the Daniel Carter Beard Bridge is commonly referred to as Big Mac.
aj.. You know that Paul-baby isn't Paul Newman.
ak.. It's not Easter without Papa's cream eggs.
al.. You're at a Bob Evans restaurant watching someone put ketchup on their eggs.
am.. Instead of saying "What?" you say "Please?"
an.. You add an "s" to the end of grocery store names, such as Krogers and Meijers.
ao.. You drive on roads that change names at county lines, and roads with hyphenated names (i.e., Cincinnati-Dayton, Fields-Ertel, Hamilton-Mason, Loveland-Madeira).
ap.. You can buy beer by driving into a drive-through pole-barn.
aq.. You refer to the animal shelter/dog pound as "the SPCA", much to the bewilderment of non-Cincinnatians.
ar.. You believe LaRosa's is fine Italian dining and carry a "Buddy Card".
as.. You recognize that Anthony Munoz is a former NFL Player and not a furniture salesman.
at.. You have a strange love of GM vehicles.
au.. You remind people that Pompillios was in the movie Rainman.
av.. You can understand traffic reports which ignore road names and use phrases such as: Norwood Lateral, Cut-in-the-hill", "the Lockland split", "Five-Mile", "The S-Curve", and "Wards Corner".
aw.. Your favorite convenient store sounds like a labor union (United Dairy Farmers).
ax.. You honestly believe that Pete Rose should be in the Baseball Hall of Fame.
ay.. You miss Marge Schott (God rest her soul).
az.. It doesn't seem weird to you that everyone has an Uncle Al.
ba.. Your favorite Coney Island isn't in New York.
bb.. You like Nick Clooney better than George Clooney.
bc.. You know how Jerry Springer got his start.
bd.. You know what a Pony Keg is.
be.. You know what brats and metts are (i.e QUEEN CITY SAUSAGE) and you've probably tasted goetta (GLIER'S!!).
bf.. You know that Cherokee Motors was located at 7505 Vine (where Paddock meets Vine at the big Indian sign). NOW OWNED BY SANDY'S BRO-IN-LAW, BARRY RICHMAN AND IT'S CALLED MOTORTIME AUTO SALES!
bg.. An all-boys or all-girls school doesn't seem that odd to you. There's probably one in your neighborhood, and maybe you even went to it.
bh.. You think a mixed marriage is when an East-Sider marries a West-Sider.
bi.. You know the difference between Hudy and "Who Dey".
bj.. You know what cream ale is, and you think that cream soda should be bright red (BARQS!).
bk.. You can visit California, Lebanon, Moscow, Wyoming, and go Over-the-Rhine ... all in the same day

Monday, March 26

Sweep the Leg Johnny!

Karate Kid tribute.
Wait for the end for a surprise cameo.

Monday, March 19

Warning:XBox Media Center Extender and Vista Premium

XBox Classic Media Center Extender and Vista do not work together.

I finally got around and I bought a new PC with Vista. I got it with all the bells and whistles, dual TV Card, DVD Burner etc. perfect for Media Center. I've also had an Xbox for about 3 years. I haven't bought a 360 and I'm not planning too, I bought a Wii instead.
I was all ready to connect my XBox in the TV room to my PC in the office. Only problem is Vista doesn't connect to Xbox Classic only XBox 360. There almost no documentation on the internet about this. Nothing on Microsoft. Nothing on Google. I was on a XBox support call listening to a idiot "um humming" for an hour, only to push me off to Vista support.

So I gave up and now I dual boot to XP Media Center. Only to find that XBox MCE doesn't support XVID or DivX. UGH!

I was hoping not to hack the Xbox, but time will tell.

Wednesday, March 14

Monday, March 5

Friday, March 2

Wine in a Box

Blac Box Wine

A lot of people think wine in a box is a middle America thing. actually, the point of wine in a box is that inside that box is a bag. and that bag is filled with wine. and as you dispense the wine, the bag gets less full. however, when you pour wine out of a bottle, the volume is replaced with air. the air makes the wine go bad. because the wine in a box is in an air-tight bag, the bag just deflates as you drink it, so the wine lasts a lot longer.

The problem is that most wine sold in a box is your basic chablis, shiraz, merlot, or pinot grigio less than 2 yrs old, so only the VERY experienced tongue will be able to tell the difference between a week opened boxed wine and a week opened bottled wine (I’m not good enough yet). however, if you have a VERY experienced tongue, you’re not drinking that shit, because it’s the miller high life or Milwaukee’s beast of wines. you’d be drinking 5+ year old reserves at $25+ per bottle.

The point is that most people can buy the $4 handle of table wine and not be able to tell the difference in anything. stop worrying, and don’t fall prey to the marketing.


Tuesday, February 27

Dear Abby is brilliant!

Dear Abby,
My husband is a liar and a cheat. He has cheated on me from the beginning, and, when I confront him, he denies everything. What's worse, everyone knows that he cheats on me. It is so humiliating. Also, since he lost his job five years ago, he hasn't even looked for a new one. All he does all day is smoke cigars, cruise around and bullshit with his buddies while I have to work to pay the bills.

Since our daughter went away to college he doesn't even pretend to like me and hints that I may be a lesbian. What should I do?

Dear Clueless,

Grow up and dump him. Good grief, woman, you don't need him anymore. You're a United States Senator from New York. Act like one.

Thursday, February 22

Cast of Heroes to appear on Larry King tomorrow, 9/23/07

The entire cast of the NBC hit Heroes will appear on CNN's Larry King Live Friday(9/23) at 9PM EST.

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Sunday, February 11

My WII Code

I got my Wii on!
My friend code is 0427 2772 1820 9774

Saturday, February 10

Obama launches social network

Despite having a strong presence on Facebook and YouTube, the Democrat presidential hopeful has launched a social network of his own. MyBarackObama.com invites supporters to create a profile, blog their campaign experiences, plan and attend events, find other supporters, and help raise funds for the campaign. Overkill or a winning strategy?

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Friday, February 9

Hillary Chicken at KFC

KFC's newest menu itemlol

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Hillary Chicken at KFC

KFC's newest menu item

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Thursday, February 8

5 things meme -- Which Superhero are you?

Your results:
You are Spider-Man

Green Lantern
Iron Man
The Flash
Wonder Woman
You are intelligent, witty,
a bit geeky and have great
power and responsibility.

Click here to take the "Which Superhero are you?" quiz...

Friday, January 26

Tech Cocktail Round 3!

TechCocktail3 Ice Sculpture Frogs, no flash
Originally uploaded by bcbeatty.

The event held at Amira was another well attended event. Over 600 people RSVPd, about 400 attended. More room to move around than at Gramercy.
Familiar and new faces were all around.

Thursday, January 18

What Can We Do With Flickr?

What Can We Do With Flickr?
Originally uploaded by cogdogblog.

This cluttered desk represents just a small set of powerful ways you can use flickr. This image has been annotated with "notes", so as you move a mouse over hotspot areas, pop-up messages will appear, some of them with links that can take you elsewhere.

Explore these links to learn some ways you can leverage the power of flickr.

Saturday, January 13

How can you tell when Grossman's having a bad day ??

12 on 12 January 2007

12 on 12 Squeezy
Originally uploaded by bcbeatty.

12 pictures on the 12th of the month.
Pretty average day. only took about 8 pics.

Friday, January 12

Upgraded feed to feedburner

I upgraded my feed to use feedburner.
The new feed is now