Monday, October 31

I am worth something :)

My blog is worth $1,693.62.
How much is your blog worth?

Friday, October 28

White Sox Victory Parade

RAID pictured

A no-brainer, non-geek presentation of what the different RAID levels mean. :)

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Thursday, October 27

Subscribe to lectures from major universities. (free academic podcasts)

A long list of podcasts and descriptions of lectures that are available to the public. A great way to stay productive during a boring commute.
Go Purdue

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Wednesday, October 26



In a related story Hell announces record cold spell.

The Next Big thing in TV -- Darts

The Next Big thing in TV -- Darts.
According the the NYT Darts is supposed to be the next Texas Hold'em .
Bull's-Eye: TV's Next No-Limit Wager - New York Times scary part is I've seen Ads for Darts on Fox Sports Net. But I prefer Cricket over 501.

Tuesday, October 25

Brain Dump Trivia

A Modcast podcast, brought to you buy the guys at The Cubicle Escape Podcast (

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Monday, October 24

Video of the XBox 360 being played at Walmart

Here is video of a real Xbox 360 being played on a kiosk at Walmart. The controller is shown, and the two games being played are Call of Duty 2, and King Kong.

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Sunday, October 23

The Use of Computers in Movies

Any PERMISSION DENIED error has an OVERRIDE function.
You can infect a computer with a destructive virus by simply typing "UPLOAD VIRUS".

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Monday, October 17

Photographic proof of Water on Mars

Photographic proof of Water on Mars. see what NASA is hiding from you. ;-)

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Thursday, October 13

Reuters News + Google Maps = News Map

Google Maps with the Reuters News Agency website. News Map places a pin on the story and colour coded pins show you what news category the story falls within.

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Spyware Can Constitute illegal Trespass On Home Computers

A federal trial court in Chicago has ruled recently that the ancient legal doctrine of trespass to chattels (meaning trespass to personal property) applies to the interference caused to home computers by spyware.

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Sunday, October 9

Why Linux Wont Replace Windows

A well written article using the motorcycle/car metaphor on why linux will never need to replace windows.

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Friday, October 7

Joss Whedon to fans: Thanks

Here's an email that got sent out to all the people who helped make Firefly/Serenity everything it is. Be sure to get your tickets for the show on Friday!

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Thursday, October 6

Google Earth Game - The Worlds First Earth Game

Using Google Earth placemarks and web pages, they've created the world's biggest interactive game.

In order to beat the GameMaster, you must follow the clues and utilize the Checkpoint feature to move ahead.

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Wednesday, October 5

BSG coming to Comcast VOD?

“Comcast had said it wanted to offer a free VOD platform to viewers,” Perrette said. "We told Comcast we would be willing to offer shows like Law & Order: SVU, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Las Vegas, Monk and BSG for them to run for free..."

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The War of the Worlds in 30 seconds with bunnies.

From the same people who brought you Alien with Bunnies

Tuesday, October 4 comments on Battlestar Galactica's Gregg Easterbrook comments on Week 4 of the NFL, Cheerleaders, Supreme Courts ruling on eminent domain and slams Battlestar Galactica.
Why slam BSG ?

Monday, October 3

CTA Transit Map with Google Maps

Very cool CTA map using Google Maps

Sunday, October 2

Woman countersues RIAA

A woman from Oregan is countersuing the RIAA for illegal computer trespass in a "Jane Doe" lawsuit they started against her.

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