Monday, February 28

Simple Serialization DeSerialization

there is a need to Serialize an object.
1. sending it to the client so manipulate via javascript
2. persist the object to the database or any other file.

Here's some functions I use on a regular basis
staticstring Serialize(object o)

if (o==null) { return string.Empty; }

StringWriter writer = new StringWriter();
XmlSerializer xs = new XmlSerializer(o.GetType());
return writer.ToString();


public static object DeSerialize(string s, Type t)

object ret;
if (s==null) { return null; }
if (s.Length ==0) { return null; }
XmlSerializer xs = new XmlSerializer(t);
ret = xs.Deserialize(new StringReader(s) );
return ret;

Thursday, February 24

Installing the December CTP Release of Visual Studio Team System

Fellow co-worker at Solution Partners Dave Bost has his first white paper published on MSDN the title: Installing the December CTP Release of Visual Studio Team System

Chicago Nerd Dinner - Suburban Edition - March 8th

The Next Chicago Nerd Dinner - Suburban Edition - March 8th

When: Tuesday, March 8th, 2005
Where: Dave & Buster's, 1155 N Swift Road (I-355 & Lake St.), Addison, IL
Time: 6:30PM - ?

Wednesday, February 23

Tuesday, February 22

Bats can't drive in Chicago

Bale: A Drunk Hit Batmobile

Christian Bale, who plays the title character in the upcoming comic-book movie Batman Begins, told SCI FI Wire that a drunk driver sideswiped one of the film's stunt Batmobiles while it was being moved during a break in shooting on the streets of Chicago last year.

Grant Bark/Park

Chicago is building a new Dog Park in Grant Park. Chicago Tribune | O, you lucky dogs, this is Bark Ave.

Friday, February 18

Lord of the Rings (Chris Pirillo)

Funny Animation on Lord of the Rings.
"Its Mordor with a "D" not Mortor.

Google Fight : Make a fight with googleFight

Google Fight : Make a fight with googleFight

Thursday, February 10

Gmail Invites!! Who Wants Them

I've got Gmail invites for those who want em.

Chicago Nerd Dinner - Downtown Edition - February 28th

The first posting of the Chicago Nerd Dinner - Downtown Edition

When: Monday, February 28th, 2005
Where: Rock Bottom @ State & Grand
Where: 6PM - ?

If you plan on coming, shoot Ryanan email at “email at“ so he can get a can get a headcount.

Tuesday, February 8

Firefox isn't as secure as you thought

This works in everything except IE (ha!)

Click here to enter paypal NOT!

Click here to enter paypal via ssl

IDN advisory

Apparently firefox will allow you to goto a non english site so a crylic a looks like an english a, but the DNS and IP address are not the same.
Becarful for phishing scams Phishing flaw a danger to alternative browsers

Super Bowls 10 Commercials, according to Tivo

Top 10 Commercials according to Tivo

1. Emerald Nuts - Unicorn
2. Anheuser Busch - Designated Driver
3. - Censorship Hearing
4. Diet Pepsi - Cindy Crawford Eye Catcher
5. Ameriquest - Robbery
6. - Monkey Brown-Nosing
7. Tabasco - Burn
8. Fed Ex - Super Bowl Commercial Formula
9. Paramount Pictures - War of the Worlds
10. Anheuser Busch - Thank You to Troops

My favorite, the only laugh outloud commercial: Ameriquest - Surprise Diner aka "Dead" Cat.