Friday, July 27

Exclusive: 'The Dark Knight' Video of Joker's Semi Flip

The Dark Knight filming in Chicago

Friday, July 13

12 on 12: Tech Cockatil 5

Tech Cockatil
Originally uploaded by bcbeatty.

Tech Cocktail always seems to happen on the 12th of the month. This was the 1st Anniversary of the Chicago networking event.

My Photo is Published! on Schmap! Chicago

Park Grill Steak Salad
My flickr photo of a Steak Salad at Park Grill Millennium Park has been selected in the online city guide Schmap! Chicago.
Check it out:
Chicago - Local Traditional Cuisine

Thursday, July 12

Speed up your podcasts

Here's how I speed up my podcasts on a PC.

I use Juice to download my podcasts.
Juice has a feature to run a program when a file has been downloaded.
I run use Microsoft's WMP9 Encoder to speedup the mp3 file. Combined with Wmcmd.vbs, I can speed up or slow down an mp3 file to any speed, even convert avi to wma for video podcasts.

I've gotten used to listening podcasts at 2x speed. A side effect is the mp3 file gets converted to wma, and looses all the tags, but my iRiver supports wma so I haven't looked into keeping them mp3.