Monday, March 19

Warning:XBox Media Center Extender and Vista Premium

XBox Classic Media Center Extender and Vista do not work together.

I finally got around and I bought a new PC with Vista. I got it with all the bells and whistles, dual TV Card, DVD Burner etc. perfect for Media Center. I've also had an Xbox for about 3 years. I haven't bought a 360 and I'm not planning too, I bought a Wii instead.
I was all ready to connect my XBox in the TV room to my PC in the office. Only problem is Vista doesn't connect to Xbox Classic only XBox 360. There almost no documentation on the internet about this. Nothing on Microsoft. Nothing on Google. I was on a XBox support call listening to a idiot "um humming" for an hour, only to push me off to Vista support.

So I gave up and now I dual boot to XP Media Center. Only to find that XBox MCE doesn't support XVID or DivX. UGH!

I was hoping not to hack the Xbox, but time will tell.

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Andrew said...

Transcode 360 should work with the original XBox Media Center I think. It's free, s worth a try!

Failing that you can pick up a Linksys extender for around $100 these days.