Friday, March 2

Wine in a Box

Blac Box Wine

A lot of people think wine in a box is a middle America thing. actually, the point of wine in a box is that inside that box is a bag. and that bag is filled with wine. and as you dispense the wine, the bag gets less full. however, when you pour wine out of a bottle, the volume is replaced with air. the air makes the wine go bad. because the wine in a box is in an air-tight bag, the bag just deflates as you drink it, so the wine lasts a lot longer.

The problem is that most wine sold in a box is your basic chablis, shiraz, merlot, or pinot grigio less than 2 yrs old, so only the VERY experienced tongue will be able to tell the difference between a week opened boxed wine and a week opened bottled wine (I’m not good enough yet). however, if you have a VERY experienced tongue, you’re not drinking that shit, because it’s the miller high life or Milwaukee’s beast of wines. you’d be drinking 5+ year old reserves at $25+ per bottle.

The point is that most people can buy the $4 handle of table wine and not be able to tell the difference in anything. stop worrying, and don’t fall prey to the marketing.,20633,1176913,00.html

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