Tuesday, June 29

Life of Brian

It's been an interesting week in the life of Brian. Melissa and I have officially started our adoption process of adopting a baby from Guatemala by submitting our application and meeting with a representative from European Adoption Consultants, Inc. within 2 weeks we should be having our first meeting for our home study. Hopefully we should have a new baby in the beginning of the year.

We also started looking for a new home. We’ve lived in Lombard since 98 and we’re starting to outgrow the home, especially when the baby comes. But housing is soooo expensive in the Chicago area. What we want and can afford compared to what my commute would be are major trade offs. Most of the projects I’ve worked on have been in the near north suburbs or downtown. But the houses Melissa and I like are farther south closer to I-355 and I-55. Some have been available farther.
But then again we might wait until next year.

And in the middle of all these life changing experiences, my last project ended and I’m on the bench. But it does give me time to finish MCSD.Net certification.



Sunday, June 27

Office Space Wars

Here is a parody of Office Space set in the Star Wars universe so you know, Darth Vader as Lumbergh and Jar-Jar as Milton.

Can you get me that TPS report ?

The Big Picture: CD installs virus/spyware

The Big Picture: CD installs virus/spyware
If you bought Velvet Revolver or Beastie Boys new CDs be carefull if you want to rip the songs for mp3s.

Tuesday, June 22

NPR : Blogging: A Web Diary Tour

NPR : Blogging: A Web Diary Tour
Interesting story about how blogs are being written. But i think it misses the mark with moblogs and RSS.

Monday, June 21


If your lucky enough to get any GMail invites, donate them to people who really need them.

[woxy] 97X the future of rock and roll is comming Back!

Good News for anyone who like independent and internet radio! 97X found funding and is coming back to the "airwaves".

Friday, June 18

TIP: Sharing Message Box Text

TIP: Sharing Message Box Text
Cool UI tip. Use Control-C to copy a Message Box text instead of print screen.

Thursday, June 17

Favorite Computer Jokes...

Favorite Computer Jokes...: "Favorite Computer Jokes..."

Monday, June 14

Things you don't see everyday
 Posted by Hello

Things you don't see everyday Posted by Hello

Thursday, June 10

I'm not Crazy

See I'm not Crazy when I talk to Zoey 
Go ahead, talk to your dogs

Wednesday, June 9

Is TiVo Shooting itself in the foot ?

TiVo sets sights on Net content, cuts prices | CNET News.com
I've had TiVo throughout directTV since Sept 03.
I love it. The ability to record 2 shows is great especially since when Discovery/TLC shows are up against 2 network shows, It will record the cable shows when they repeat later that night.
But the biggest pain with DirectTivo is that it doesn't support any of Tivo's series 2 features like home networking, if you have 2 tivo's copy shows from one to another, or upgraded software.
Now TiVo just annouced they're adding more features to Home Media Option such as downloadable Music and Movies.
Earlier this week DirectTV annouced they sold their stake in TiVo and left their board. Is Murdock's DirectTV going to drop TiVo and come out with their own ? If they do it I hope it will be better than TiVo, and/or continue to support TiVo.

Tuesday, June 8

The Simpsons:Guide to Springfield USA

Guide to Springfield USA A highly detailed map of the Simpsons' hometown

Monday, June 7

Great President Reagan Quote...

“One measure of a leader's greatness is this: By the time he dies the dangers that summoned him to greatness have been so thoroughly defeated, in no small measure by what he did, it is difficult to recall the magnitude of those dangers, or of his achievements. So if you seek Ronald Reagan's monument, look around, and consider what you do not see.” - George Will

Building a picture frame -- The “junk”-top revival

Building a picture frame -- The “junk”-top revival.
Interesting article on building your own digital picture frame from an old laptop.
PII Laptops are good for something.

Friday, June 4

VisiCalc Turns 25

Slashdot | VisiCalc Turns 25, Creators Interviewed: "VisiCalc Turns 25".
I remember when my dad used this when I was 9 to do taxes.

Run it yourself!

Thursday, June 3

Tuesday, June 1

Roe Conn is Back!!

Roe is back but the deal isn't done. He intends to stay with WLS but contract still needs t's crossed and i's dotted.
Garry is another story. Roe wouldn't comment too much on his situation. 30 minutes later... :). To me it sounds like Garry choose to leave WLS and the team. Garry had a list of demands from WLS and apparently they didn't meet them.

Jim provided his usual humor.
Funny point of the contract is that WLS fought for the ownership of the Canarble Wagon.
Roe isn't activly looking for a co-host.
WLS Chat room