Friday, April 28

TLC Van on Wacker

TLC Van on Wacker 4-28-06
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TLC was taking testimonials bits for "Life Lessons" for the TV shows Honey We're Killing the Kids! and Shalom in the Home

Thursday, April 27

SCI FI Announces Caprica

SCI FI Channel announced the development of Caprica, a spinoff prequel of its hit Battlestar Galactica, in presentations to advertisers in New York on April 26. Caprica would come from Galactica executive producers Ronald D. Moore and David Eick, writer Remi Aubuchon (24) and NBC Universal Television Studio.

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Monday, April 24

How To Order Wine Without Looking Like An A$$Hole

Its wine, not the Blood of Christ. Don’t worship it. Enjoy it.

Friday, April 14

Google News + Google Maps + Yahoo! Traffic

Virender Ajmani over at has created a cool mashup that lets you find local news based on your U.S. zip code. This map definitely fits the mashup definition. It combines the following: Google Maps + Yahoo! Geocoding + Google RSS News Feeds + Yahoo! Traffic

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Tuesday, April 4

Spiderman 3 Plot Revealed

We've all heard rumors and speculations of the plot for Spiderman 3, but we've never had anything confirmed... Until now.

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