Sunday, September 9

I got Comcast Bandwidth Warning

Ever thought Comcast's Unlimited internet meant unlimited bandwidth? Think again, its unlimited usage. According to Comcast usage means you can go anywhere and use anything, just don't use too much.

Today I got a call I never expected. I received a call from Comcast saying I used 428 GB of bandwidth in the Month of August, I finally made the upper 1%. Almost a 1/2 a Terabyte of data!! I don't know how anyone could be downloading that much. I don't even have that much storage on hard drives. I've been using Comcast Internet for over 8 years.

The part that really worries me is that there this was my one only warning. Comcast cannot or will not give me any information on how they determined that I used over 400GB of data. Give me any trending reports to know what my historical usage has been, or any way for me to check my bandwidth to see if the issue continues to exist. If I show up on they're report once again I will loose internet connectivity for 1 year. Working in the computer industry this will be the equivalent of a death sentence as only Comcast is available in my location and we use Vonage as our local phone service.

Over the past month I've had connectivity issues with Comcast. Vonage not connecting, unable to get an IP address from Comcast. This past weekend, I even bought a new cable modem, Vonage/Wi-Fi router, and changed my WPA password.

The Comcast service rep (Steven) was less than helpful as he dictated policy stating this decision cannot be appealed. He conveniently called me at 5:45 PM on a Sunday, failed to tell me if this will be followed up with a letter. His managers were unavailable although he would leave them a message to call me back, he states it was the managers discretion to call me back as they were not required to call back; that sounds like real good Customer Service. He also mentioned the Comcast Security Assurance department. Unfortunately, they don't deal directly with customers

This gets me really worried because I cannot explain how I used that much bandwidth. For all I know one of my computers could have be compromised with a zombie bot running on it.

Googling into this I've found the following links:

Shutting Down Big Downloaders

Comcast clamping down on "excessive" downloaders

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Friday, September 7

Fall Premier Schedule

Warm up the Tivo!

A list of all the shows with their updated times and premieres

Sept. 11 (NBC) The
Biggest Loser season premiere

Sept. 14 (FOX) Nashville series premiere

Sept. 17 (FOX) Prison Break season premiere

Sept. 17 (FOX) K-Ville series premiere

Sept. 17 (NBC) Deal or No Deal season premiere

Sept. 18 (CW) Beauty and the Geek season premiere

Sept. 19 (CW) America's Next Top Model season premiere

Sept. 19 (FOX) Back to You series premiere

Sept. 19 (FOX) 'Til Death season premiere

Sept. 19 (FOX) Kitchen Nightmares series premiere

Sept. 19 (CBS) Kid Nation series premiere

Sept. 20 (CBS) Survivor: China season premiere

Sept. 23 (FOX) Simpsons, King of the Hill and Family Guy season premieres

Sept. 23 (CBS) 60 Minutes, Cold Case and Shark season premieres

Sept. 24 (ABC) The Bachelor and Dancing with the Stars season premieres

Sept. 24 (NBC) Chuck and Journeyman series premieres

Sept. 24 (NBC) Heroes season premiere

Sept. 24 (CBS) How I Met Your Mother, Two and a Half Men, Rules of Engagement and CSI: Miami season premieres

Sept. 24 (CBS) The Big Bang Theory series premiere

Sept. 25 (CW) Reaper series premiere

Sept. 25 (FOX) Bones and House season premieres

Sept. 25 (NBC) L&O: SVU season premiere

Sept. 25 (CBS) NCIS and The Unit season premieres; Cane series premiere

Sept. 26 (ABC)
Private Practice and Dirty Sexy Money series premieres

Sept. 26 (CW) Gossip Girl series premiere

Sept. 26 (CBS) Criminal Minds and CSI: NY season premieres

Sept. 26 (NBC) Deal or No Deal season premiere

Sept. 26 (NBC)
Bionic Woman and Life series premieres

Sept. 27 (ABC) Ugly Betty and Grey's Anatomy season premieres; Big Shots series premiere

Sept. 27 (CW) Smallville season premiere

Sept. 27 (NBC) My Name Is Earl, The Office and

season premieres

Sept. 27 (CBS) CSI and Without a Trace season premieres

Sept. 28 (NBC) Las Vegas season premiere

Sept. 28 (CBS) Ghost Whisperer and Numbers season premieres; Moonlight series premiere

Sept. 30 (FOX) American Dad season premiere

Sept. 30 (ABC)
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,
Desperate Housewives
and Brothers & Sisters season premieres

Sept. 30 (Showtime) Dexter season premiere

Sept. 30 (Showtime) Brotherhood season premiere

Oct. 1 (CW) Everybody Hates Chris, The Game and Girlfriends season premieres; Aliens in America series premiere

Oct. 2 (ABC) Cavemen and Carpoolers series premieres

Oct. 3 (ABC) Pushing Daisies series premiere

Oct. 4 (NBC) 30 Rock season premiere

Oct. 4 (CW) Supernatural season premiere

Oct. 5 (NBC) Friday Night Lights season premiere

Oct. 7 (CW) Life Is Wild series premiere

Oct. 7 (ABC) America's Funniest Home Videos season premiere

Oct. 12 (ABC) Men in Trees season premiere; Women's Murder Club series premiere

Oct. 15 (ABC) Samantha Who? series premiere

Oct. 18 (CBS) Viva Laughlin series premiere

Oct. 25 (NBC) Scrubs season premiere

Nov. 27 (ABC) Cashmere Mafia series premiere

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