Thursday, May 27

What's behind Roe & Garry's hangup at WLS

What's behind Roe & Garry's hangup at WLS
More info on Whats going on with Roe and Garry

Wednesday, May 26

Roe and Gary on WLS

Roe Conn talked about the situation at WLS-AM and the Robert Feder article on the Sun-Times. A Deadline of Wed. June 2 has been set. A "final" offer from WLS was made, Garry Meier shot it down. Roe wanted to think about it and hasn't come to a final decision.
Roe stated that he wants to stay with Gary even at WLS but it seems WLS burned Gary too hard for him to want to return.

Sad part is if a contract doesn't get resolved and they go to another station, they have to wait until the fall to start at a new station.

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[woxy] 97X the future of rock and roll is no longer

[woxy] 97X the future of rock and roll
One of my favorite radio stations, when I was growing up,went off the Air May 13th 2004. Its a sad day. 97X was one of the most popular independent radio stations. Whats ironic is they said it more expensive to run an internet radio station than a terrestrial because of the idiodic ruling from 2003 Copyrights office, effectivly putting internet radio out of buisness.

Tuesday, May 25

harrsk's XBox Mod Tutorial

harrsk's Xbox Mod Tutorial
Great step by step how to mod your Xbox to use Evolution X dashboard (EVOX) and increase your Xbox hard Drive

Monday, May 24

Visual Studio 2005 Team System

Microsoft has finally upgraded Visual Source Safe. Here are some of the new features:

  • FxCop is finally integrated into Visual Studio
  • Sampling and Instrumentation support for performance measurement
  • Code Analysis and Coverage tools
  • Unit and Load Testing Tools
  • Application, System, Deployment, and Class Modeling tools
  • Source Control tools that allow both parallel and serial development modes, deep branching and merging capabilities, and orders of magnitudes faster than Source Safe.
  • Work item tracking (Requirements, Bugs, Tasks, Risks, etc.)
  • Better support for agile software development methods

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Wednesday, May 19

FileDisassembler for Reflector 4.0

Denis Bauer has created an output plug in for Reflector FileDisassembler for Reflector 4.0
. So now you can get all the .net source code and save it into a file. It also works great for C# to VB conversion or visa versa, you could even convert to Delphi.Net if your into it :~}.

Tuesday, May 18

 James Doohan, who played Scotty in the original Star Trek, will make what is being billed as his last convention appearance, Aug. 28-30, in Hollywood, Calif., the official Trek Web site reported.

[Sci Fi Wire]

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Crystal Reports Rant

Sometimes I really despise Crystal Reports. I don’t know if it’s a right brain/left brain thing or the product just sucks.

For instance, when you create a report it gives every control a tool tip, to problem is it’s the Name of the control, so users see @Text1. You would think there would be a global flag or an easy way to turn these tool tips off. WRONG. You have to go into every control and give the tool tip a value, you would think a space would work, but no, you have to put something obvious like chr(9). WTF is chr(9) ?



Smarten Up Your DataSets with XML Schema

One of the reasons not to use datasets has been overcome!

DataSet Inheritance
Smarten Up Your DataSets with XML Schema

Thursday, May 13

Zoey on

There's a new site so people can brag about thier Dogs. Post Pics
Its a cute site. So if you have a dog, join up and post some pics


Modding The Xbox Into The Ultimate Multimedia Center

Tom's Hardware Guide Peripherals & Consumer Electronics: Modding The Xbox Into The Ultimate Multimedia Center - Xbox Multimedia Capabilities Untapped

Turn your XBOX into a media center playing Movies and mp3s of your own network.

Quote of the Day

 A pessimist was talking to an optimist and he said

“It can’t get worse than this.”

The optimist replied, “Oh yes it can!”

--Pres. J. Bartlett, West Wing “Gaza” (5/12/04)

"The West Wing" Unofficial Continuity Guide

Wednesday, May 12

Melissa and Zoey Posted by Hello

Pimp Daddy Posted by Hello

Zoey Pic

Zoey BeePosted by Hello

Monday, May 10

Free Gary Meier

Free Gary Meier from WLS-AM radio.
His contract has been up since Jan. and Roe Conn has been doing solo since.
Roe's contract is ending soon. I hope he stays on WLS or another radio station where I can hear them via the internet.

  • Roe and Gary Unoffical Site

  • Start of With a Joke

    There are 10 kinds of people in the world... those who understand binary and those who don't.