Thursday, June 30

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Friday, June 24

Ed Bott: Tip of the day: Listen to a podcast at warp speed

Ed Bott: Tip of the day: Listen to a podcast at warp speed
Listen to podcasts in 1/2 the time or faster. But, when you listen on your mp3 player it makes everyone talk slooowwwerrr.

Thursday, June 23

Patent absurdity -- If patent law had been applied to novels in the 1880

What if patent law was applied to literature ? Its not a far strech when its applied to writting applications.
"Richard undertakes a gedankenexperiment about "literary patents" and the impact they would have had on Victor Hugo as he sat down to pen Les Miserables."

"A 2004 study of Linux, the kernel of the GNU/Linux operating system, found that it infringed 283 different US software patents. That means each of these 283 different patents covers a computational process found somewhere in the thousands of pages of source code of Linux."

Monday, June 20

TGIF: Two whole sticks of fresh Dutch dairy butter on a bed of crisp bacon

"Buffalo wings with bleu cheese dressing and celery sticks. So delicious, you'll want to throw up and eat it again."
This is a menu item created for an elaborate prank at numerous TGI Fridays restaurants nationwide. The pranksters created a strikingly realistic dummy page for TGI Fridays���

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Alan Cumming (Nightcrawler) will NOT be appearing in X3.

No Nightcrawler in X3. Fox has not picked up his option to play Nightcrawler for a second movie

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Wednesday, June 15

Google Maps Meets Yahoo Traffic

Use Google Maps with Yahoo traffic to display traffic in your area.
Google's Better mapping with Yahoo's Traffic data. Nice use of "Google Maps glue"

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Saturday, June 11

Before and after pictures of our new Deck

Up Next... Stain, Sealant, furniture and of course Tiki Torches!
Next year landscaping

Thursday, June 9

What's legacy code?

ISerializable: What's legacy code?: "When speaking to one of the process engineers at a major company I consult for, I came upon a lovely notion regarding legacy code. We were talking about the perils of testing legacy code, and he turned and asked me

'Before we get started, do you know what 'Legacy Code' means? It's code that works'."

The Guinness Lifestyle Diet

They say that a Guinness is a meal in a glass. The author of this blog decides to take the challenge for a week.
AKA Spring Break

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Wednesday, June 8

this picture pretty much sums up the new "National Security:"

Articulatory Loop - Read, Repeat, Remember
This pic could pass for a Soviet Era propaganda poster.

Tuesday, June 7

Say hello to the Podinator

Governor Schwarzenegger is Podcasting.

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Phil Gordon's World Series of Poker Podcast

Hear World Series Updates from noted poker authority, Phil Gordon. Gordon provides a play-by-play of his tournament results, as well as news and interviews from the 2005 World Series of Poker in Las Vegas

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Kitty Pride is found for X-Men 3

‘Lost’ Actress is the Pryde of the ‘X-Men’.
Maggie Grace Joins ‘X3. Maggie Grace will co-star in the upcoming comic book action movie ‘X3’ as “Kitty Pryde”.

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Monday, June 6

Creation Museum Claims Earth is Only 6,000 Years Old!

This museum thinks the Earth is only 6,000 years old!

I knew I moved out of Cincinnati for a reason.

"If the world comes to an end I want be in Cincinnati, cause it will happen 5 years later"
-- Mark Twain

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Pinky and the Brain vs. Condie Rice and George Bush

Very funny comparison by Dvorak. The similarities are uncanny. I wonder what Condie and Bush will do tonight?

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Thursday, June 2

Your Summer Tivo Schedule

Ain't it Cool News has a list of the shows premiering this summer.
BSG - July 15!

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Wednesday, June 1

Radio Free Clear Channel -- ""

It's official: even Clear Channel is sick of Clear Channel. The company has set up a fake pirate radio station [taken down, 5/26/05] in Akron, Ohio. Fitting the got found out by a true independent radio station WOXY.

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