Friday, June 29

Saturday, June 23

Ink Jet Ink, Cost Per Gallon

Chanel #5 costs more than ink, but not much else does.

Approx. PriceEquivalent Price in $/galConversion factors
Crude Oil$60/barrel$1.091 barrel=55 gals
Refined gasoline, supreme unleaded$3.90/gal$3.90
Bottled water, Calistoga at 7-11$1/500 ml$101 gal=4.53 L
Starbucks Latte, 16 oz.$4/16 oz.$321 gal=128 oz
Blood (if you can get it)$100 to $200/pt$800-$16001 gal=8 pts
Cristal Champagne, 1999$300/750 ml$1,8121 gal=4.53 L
HP Inkjet ink, black #14$23/23ml$4,5301 gal=4530 ml
Chanel #5$100/0.25 oz$51,2001 gal=128 oz

What's Wrong With This Picture?

just take a moment and figure it out - you'll laugh when you do

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Friday, June 1

FRAK! Battlestar Galactica To End!

Sci-fi channel announces next season to be the last.

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