Friday, May 25

My Fall Tivo Schedule

Now that the Networks have figured out their schedule here's my Tivo workout for the week.

: How I Met Your Mother, Heroes, 24, Dancing(Melissa), Journeyman
Tuesday: Dancing(Melissa), Boston Legal, Reaper, Biggest Loser(Melissa)
Wednesday: Private Practice, Bionic Woman, Lost
Thursday: Betty, Grey, CSI, ER, Smallville
Friday: Moonlight and Sci-Fi Friday
Saturday: Nothing
Sunday: Football, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, BSG, Desperate Housewives(Melissa)

Other Misc and Cable: Rescue Me, Entourage, Big Love, John from Cincinnati, Mythbusters, Stargate, Eureka, The 4400, Dead Zone, Nip/Tuck, The Shield, Dirty Jobs

So far nothing overlaps too much, but I have Vista Media Center for backup

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