Tuesday, June 29

Life of Brian

It's been an interesting week in the life of Brian. Melissa and I have officially started our adoption process of adopting a baby from Guatemala by submitting our application and meeting with a representative from European Adoption Consultants, Inc. within 2 weeks we should be having our first meeting for our home study. Hopefully we should have a new baby in the beginning of the year.

We also started looking for a new home. We’ve lived in Lombard since 98 and we’re starting to outgrow the home, especially when the baby comes. But housing is soooo expensive in the Chicago area. What we want and can afford compared to what my commute would be are major trade offs. Most of the projects I’ve worked on have been in the near north suburbs or downtown. But the houses Melissa and I like are farther south closer to I-355 and I-55. Some have been available farther.
But then again we might wait until next year.

And in the middle of all these life changing experiences, my last project ended and I’m on the bench. But it does give me time to finish MCSD.Net certification.



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