Wednesday, June 9

Is TiVo Shooting itself in the foot ?

TiVo sets sights on Net content, cuts prices | CNET
I've had TiVo throughout directTV since Sept 03.
I love it. The ability to record 2 shows is great especially since when Discovery/TLC shows are up against 2 network shows, It will record the cable shows when they repeat later that night.
But the biggest pain with DirectTivo is that it doesn't support any of Tivo's series 2 features like home networking, if you have 2 tivo's copy shows from one to another, or upgraded software.
Now TiVo just annouced they're adding more features to Home Media Option such as downloadable Music and Movies.
Earlier this week DirectTV annouced they sold their stake in TiVo and left their board. Is Murdock's DirectTV going to drop TiVo and come out with their own ? If they do it I hope it will be better than TiVo, and/or continue to support TiVo.

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