Thursday, September 14

iTunes 7 Video Issue

I've been having video problems since the upgrade to 7.0. Green and white bars or other video garbage when playing video but audio was fine.
I uninstall and reinstalled ITunes and Quicktime with no luck.

But then I just stumbled upon a setting that cleared things up for me. Here's what I did: From Windows Desktop goto - Start | Control Panel |Quicktime | Advanced - then under the 'video' section I selected Safe mode (GDI only) instead of DirectX and applied.
I re-selected DirectX and only selected 'Enable Direct Draw Acceleration' under that and the video is now working fine in iTunes.


Anonymous said...

Thankyou so so much. I had exactly the same problem. I did a yahoo search for 'itunes video green' lol and your page was the only one that looked promising. I did what you did and works fine. Thankyou so much I was really loving Itunes 7 in every other way and it will be even more usefull when I upgrade to one of the new Ipods soon

Very Greatfull
Adam Gates (

Matt Bramanti said...

Thanks, Cold Chili! This fix worked perfectly for me.