Tuesday, March 21

Electronic voting good, design bad

Where I voted had the electronic voting machines, but who ever designed them was an IDIOT.

Its a nice an electronic machine, but instead of voting touch screen, you have this obtuse dial thing-a-magig at the bottom of the device to control the highlighted section. Then press the Enter key instead of touching the screen. Very tactile but unnecessary confusing. Ironically I voted in a nursing home. Hope the Alzheimer patients voted early :).

I am surprised how much unaposed people are running. There was one entry where no-one was running. So, I had a chance for a write in, just for fun I put myself. I felt like I was putting in the high score for Asteroids, rotate right, to N, left back for B, right all the way for a space....

Good news is that were was a paper ballot backup which I was able to verify before submitting the ballot.

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