Wednesday, February 1

Remember there are different flavors of tea

Just because you’ve tried green tea before and didn’t like it; remember there are many flavors of green tea. Some teas have strong taste, gunpowder and sencha, and other are more subtle, dragon well and white monkey. Green tea can also be infused with flavors, mint, citron and peppermint.
There are also different families of tea: Black, White, Green and Red(Rooibos) and herbal

Also all tea has caffeine unless processed, except for herbal. A quick way to remove the caffeine is to brew the tea for 20-30 seconds then throw the water out. then steep for 3 mins for green and white, 5-7 for others.


Mike M said...

My wife got me the Kevin Rose green tea sampler from Adagio for Christmas and I've been in love with it. I've been digg-ing (ha!) the Sencha Overture (going by memory)...

Now I need to get up off the couch and make a cup.

Ginny said...

Loose tea rocks! I've turned matt on to Earl Grey, and I love the Jasmine Green tea from Whole Foods. Tea snobs unite!
Finally the French Press is getting a workout. Hopefully we'll wean ourselves from those grass clippings they call teabags.

Cold Chilli said...

I got started with the Kevin Rose green tea sampler set also. Melissa got hooked on the Chamomele, I like the Sencha on occasion, My favorite is Citrus Green and gunpowder 1812 from Adagio