Tuesday, August 24

Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football season is upon us again. So far I’m in 4 leagues, like last year. Three on yahoo sports with computer draft, and one on http://www.fanball.com/ with a live draft.

I’m also running a pick-em league on yahoo. If you want in send me an email (in my profile), I’ll send you back an invite.

I’m still devising strategy. The live draft is a keeper league and I’m going to inherit someone else’s team.
I read an interesting article on fanball.com about doing a reverse draft. If your deep into the draft order all the good backs are going to be gone. So why not break with mantra and go WR or QB first. You could even pick up a good WR/QB combo. Dante and Randy were my sweet picks last year. I even had some luck with Kitna and Johnson.

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Anonymous said...

I think that ideas sucks-ass. Oh, wait, YES, please do draft your QB's and WO's........

-Canadian Mota Crew