Thursday, July 15

I don't like Firefox, rant

I tried, I really did try to like Firefox.
I've used it for about 2 weeks and I just don't like it.

  • It doesn't seem any faster it doesn't draw any better.
  • I loose my cool toolbars from Google and Yahoo. Yes there is a Google toolbar for Mozilla, But I'm stuck stacking the toolbars, I can't have 2 toolbars side by side to save screen real estate. And its not complete. AutoFill doesn't work.
  • Doesn't like to page up/down. When I'm on a web page where I have to page down, I press the page down and NOTHING happens! I click onto the page, then things might work right. If I'm using the scrollbar then switch to using the keyboard, then the page starts back from the top.
  • How do I delete entries in the form autofill? It has some typos.
  • Tabbed browsing, its overratted. I was expecting any new windows to open as a tab rather than another window, or at least a switch to do it. Nope, right click, open in new Tab.
  • Plug-ins, overrated, the only good one I found was the cards and ViewInIE. And of course BlogThis! for Blogger.
    The Gmail to address is pretty good also, since mailto doesn't work with Gmail, Yet.
  • The download manager seems buggy. I click on something to download, it doesn't notify me when its done. The window pops up but its emtpy. found fix, its in the options, it defaults to remove them when done
  • Security: Security by ommission is not security. There aren't 10 Gazillion people using Firefox, yet. and the hackers haven't had time to find the bugs yet. Ohh Wait. They did find a security hole The Latest From Mozilla
  • I'm still using IE to view Blogs with NewsGator within Outlook

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