Monday, May 10

Free Gary Meier

Free Gary Meier from WLS-AM radio.
His contract has been up since Jan. and Roe Conn has been doing solo since.
Roe's contract is ending soon. I hope he stays on WLS or another radio station where I can hear them via the internet.

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    Anonymous said...

    Gary Meier is a no-talent guy. He rode the coattails of Steve
    Dahl for years and now hangs on to Roe Conn. Roe is good and can easily make it on his own. Gary couldn't make by himself. He tried and just doesn't have it. He simply has no personality, is not interesting and has no sense of humor. He SUCKS!!!

    Cold Chilli said...

    When Gary and Roe were together. There were days when Gary reigned him in, put him back on point. But since they broke up Roe has done great on his own.

    Anonymous said...

    Gary Meier is perhaps the worse radio talk show host I have ever tuned into. He takes FOREVER to get one sentence out, talks about the same topic all the time (AKA how wonderful majoring in the natural and physical sciences is and discriminating those who pursue more liberal specialties), and is a hypocrite. For example, when discussing the topic of gay rights one evening, he took great pride in stating that he is for gays having the right to see their significant other in the hospital and make funeral arrangements for their partner. Yes, many of us Chicagoans are pro-gay rights and have been for a long time (including myself). However, he repeatedly mentioned that he was against gay marriage. Furthermore, his conservative ideals are just not compatible with the local liberal ideology. Please WGN, eliminate Mr. Meiers' programs, or at least reduce his airtime.
    Thank you for your time.

    p.s. Bring back Kathy and Judy. We miss them.